Welcome to OpenAdap.net !

OpenAdap.net is an Open Source project aimed at breaking the barriers existing in the flow of data access and data processing. The infrastructure will make possible the dissemination of resources like knowledge, tools or data, their exposure to evaluation in ways that might be unanticipated and hence support the emergence of communities of users around a specific domain. The architecture is designed by analogy with a virtual distributed operating system in which the dynamic resources are presented as files in a structured virtual file system featuring ownership and access permissions.

The Cyberspace has become the main site of information exchange and its extension in terms of bandwidth is opening the way equally to all media of information. However, most of this information flow still remains associated to a 'declarative' approach, i.e. associated to the knowledge of 'what', as illustrated by the access of web portals built around search engines of any kind. Knowledge sharing leads to share the methods of information processing and the socialware becomes the vehicle for user adaptive collaboration support.

The OpenAdap.net project is based on the collaboration between information scientists, electronic engineers, computer scientists and neuroscientists having diverse scientific interests and very specialized backgrounds. We feel that such a transdisciplinary approach is a necessary way for the achievement of real advances in producing impacts in the Information Society Technologies. A key point for the success of OpenAdap.net dissemination is the build-up of Communities who share common data formats tailored to their interest.

The OpenAdap.net infrastructure makes possible the dissemination of resources, and their exposure to application and evaluation across domains in ways that might not be anticipated. OpenAdap.net is aimed at breaking current boundaries to resource sharing and hence supports transdisciplinarity within the framework of socialware. End-users are provided with the ability to browse and apply shared resources, and dynamically compose and integrate existing resources to leverage new research insights.

Now, you are invited to explore this website and give us your feedback. Your contribution and collaboration are very valuable to refine and shape the evolution of OpenAdap.net in order to match your needs. You are very welcome to join our collaborative Project and do not hesitate to contact us.